You will have profound moments of personal awareness through which a clear pathway to positive new destinations will be revealed. Guaranteed A-ha moments.


Working with Shira was a powerful experience. Through her guidance, I discovered strengths I didn’t realize I had. She taught me how to utilize all of my strengths in ways I never imagined. During the coaching process, I saw my business shift to new levels. It gave me the momentum I needed. Since then I am continuing to see an improvement in my business and personal goals. I highly recommend a coaching session with Shira. My time with her has proven to be invaluable.
— Monique Luck, Award-Winning Artist
I have come to know Shira as an insightful, professional and extremely funny individual. She radiates with sharp observations and creative ideas that hit home with dangerous accuracy. She has the great ability to translate thought into incredibly eloquent and visual messages without detracting from the honesty of the content. Great coach!!!
— Laura Verkerk, Strengths Coach
Shira is a top-notch coach. Not only were her insights for me right on the money, but the whole experience was transforming. I now know how to utilize the strengths that were uncovered.
— Teresa Carter, Writer & Creative Director
I loved the seminar! Shira is a complete natural. She really hears people and the learning exercises she gives are great!
— Christina Reynolds, Entrepreneur
I thought the seminar was very structured, organized, and easy to follow. All the time was used well and had great flow.
— Donna Mims

These are my top 5

Individualization - People fascinate me! I am a life-long observer of people and can easily understand individual differences. It is easy for me to see how people can best fit together.

Strategic - Planning for me is almost always starting with the end in mind.  This means I often have unconventional processes with targeted reasoning behind it.

Ideation - I love all sorts of ideas and am a specialist at seeing new possibilities.  Asking me for fresh ideas wakes up my genius.

Relator - Spending time with people one-on-one and developing depth in relationships is a priority for me. I carefully and quickly get to the heart of a matter.

Communication - The right words at the right time can move mountains. Expressing the often unseen inner terrain  through metaphor gives us the handholds needed to climb through life. Most often this is found in a verbal play.