Coaching Objectives

  • Performance - increase professional and personal performance

  • Joy - Identify life-giving activities and bring the satisfaction of personal growth

  • Discovery - Unveiling the genius within

Individual Coaching

The value of coaching is best understood when experienced. Gaining an intentional and skilled perspective from a person who has a singular interest in seeing you succeed is a life-long gift.  This is a gift you can give to yourself and a gift that will benefit the community you live in. Tried and true strengths coaching techniques as well as customized learning experiences are used.

Everybody Needs A Coach
— Gallup Organization


Team Development

It is difficult to gain an outsiders perspective when we are an insider.  Both perspectives are valuable and needed. In team development sessions, Indigo Crest will partner with team insiders to meet client objectives and develop in three specific ways.

  • Growth in teams ability to reach KPIs
  • Increase in corporate unity and employee engagement
  • Understanding of team strengths composition and dynamics

Delivery Services will always include Strengthsfinder® based learning as well as a one-on-one sessions with team leaders. Activities will be crafted per team composition and needs.

Leadership Learning

True leadership only comes out of who we are.  In a society based on high performance outcomes, the need to change can make us feel pressured and disconnected with the calm of who we are at the center of the storm. 

What if great leadership was not a matter of performance, but a matter of acceptance?  What if there were truths about who you are, about leadership, about community that if understood, would mature your leadership and enhance your life?  What if releasing positive impact had more to do with rest than stress?

In this leadership learning, the objective is to engage in what is available so as a leader you are always well-resourced. This can be a onetime presentation with hands-on learning, or a series of engaging teachings and exercises.

Consultative Retainer Hours

Enlist a strengths expert to consistently maximize team performance. Monthly or yearly packages available.