The Heart of a Matter

LinkedIn seems to be no place for heart. If so, it must be disguised in the god of numbers and the business of improvement. A "professional" keeps a prenuptial distance of emotional involvement. It is safe for everyone this way. Yes, there is "emotional intelligence" which is a deserving but perhaps complicated way of learning kindness - to others, to oneself, to our past, present, and future. 

In contrast to the heart, the mind has free reign on LinkedIn with some thoughts shoving and bullying others around. Even facts can be framed in a way so that an entirely new picture emerges. But who said the mind is rugged and the heart delicate? What if it was our hearts that were enduring and our minds flimsy in comparison? Wouldn't it then be better to lead a business matter with our hearts? Should we study what the best motivation of heart is then how to pair it with a system of character, then skill? What are the outcomes of a good heart applied well? What profit comes with kindness? These things should be known.

My father said, "people's hearts are often better than their opinions." If this is true, how then can we discover this? Where do we give serious thought and dedicated care to understanding what lies beneath the motivation of thoughts? Knowledge may come from our head, but wisdom comes from knowing the heart of a matter. 

Shira Sagal